Sunday, October 28, 2007

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PRE Halloween Festivities

Last night as I was running, and I mean RUNNING to get my little boys to the "parade" on time I thought to myself why??? why?? just turn around, they'll never know the difference.... but of course I didn't. Breathing like an asthmatic I arrived at our little towns pre Halloween "parade". Wa Hoo!

If you are wondering why I was alone, well, Mike and Carly were already there on our horses. See the pic? They left an hour early. And my big boys??? If you have teenagers you probably don't even have to ask.

Now if you are wondering why I was late and had to run in the first place........look closely at the picture. CHICKENS. Our back yard is a third world country of chickens (no offense if you're from a third world country). Of course someone showed up to collect some free chickens just when it was time for us to leave. (Did I mention my car is in the shop, no last minute jumping in the car if we're late)

Well it was fun enough, even if I did have to run all the way home to make it in time for my "date" with my husband and his brother and wife. sigh.

My Hygene Conscious Two Year Old

Washes Everything. Every wig and hat in the Halloween box has been "washed" in the sink. Of course he wears it after he washes it leaving a trail of water through the house. Here is a picture of his latest washed item....dripping wet from his head.