Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little fish

Tanner is such a funny kid! He doesn't really like to run around outside, he doesn't like to get dirty, or play rough. BUT, he LOVES to swim!! In this last picture he isn't drowning he is swimming. No one showed him how he just jumped in and swam across the pool. WOW!

Ciaphus Fiver Bean

One day a few weeks ago while the other kids were napping (of course Talon was bouncing off walls) I took Talon outside to get some energy out. We noticed that there were several toads in the little pool. Talon spent forever trying to catch them all and line them up on the end of the slide. It was so cute watching him. He found one very large toad and named it.

This is Ciaphus Fiver Bean! Talon caught him in our little swimming pool, and named him all by himself. Very Funny!! He now lives in our greenhouse. (=