Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kolob cont.

Here is a little teaser to what Paul(Mule guy) will probably blog when he isn't so busy. The trip was a 10 hr. deal, and was extrememly fun, and a little dangerous. Carly's horse fell into the river, (luckily she felt prompted to get off right before it happened), Sunnies horse went through a thicket and Sunnie was attacked by some really mean bushes, Chantra's saddle slipped sideways with her and Preston on it (dumping them both onto the ground)- but that just adds to the excitement of going on a back country horse trip-anything can happen. Carly had so much fun! I asked her what was the most fun, and she said all of it. She loved riding with her cousins! Mike said traveling through the gorge was beautiful. I am sure the pics don't do it justice. Be watching for Pauls blog on this, his commentary is 1000 X better than mine. (plus I wasn't there) (=

Kolob Fingers (Mule guys pics)

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Monday, May 26, 2008

More Info.....

I have a couple of minutes, so I will fill you in on our kitchen and trip to CA. Mike and I had been talking about doing something with the kitchen for awhile. I was at the post office and saw an add for free cabinets, they were nice so we picked them up. We had a guy in our ward custom make a few too to fit our kitchen and then we went all out and bought new appliances and countertop. Mike finished the kitchen up (no small task) while I was in CA visiting Tanner's birth family. We went to Santa Maria (where his birth fam. live) we stayed there for a couple nights, and then headed with Christina (Tanner's sister) down to San Diego where we went to Seaworld and the zoo. It was fun, but the drive home was brutal. Most of Tanner's birth family are nice people, so that part was fine. I've met most of them before on a few occasions too, so that helped. The beach pic's were from near Santa Maria at Avila beach, which is near Pismo beach. (home of a very recent shark attack)

Friday, May 16, 2008

vacation pic's

Tanner, Talon and Tanner's younger but much larger brother Isaiah in Grandpa John's tree.

Christina, Tanner, Talon and Carly @ the zoo.

HEY I have two future plumbers (Tanner)

OUCH! Sunburn and sand!

Carly, Talon, Isaiah (Tanner's 1/2 brother), Tanner and Monique (Tanner's birth mom)

Tanner with his (great) Grandpa John

Kitchen pic's



Saturday, May 3, 2008

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe......

she had so many children she didn't know what to she had her husband put an addition onto their house. ha ha. Oh and remodel their kitchen too. o=