Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"My dad did it." AND "I need a napkin."

Trevor: "burrrrrrp" (nasty raunchy one, while we all sat around the breakfast table) "giggle, giggle, giggle."
Talon: "giggle, giggle."
Tanner: "giggle, giggle, eww."
Me: (no sound just a look that said, WHAT WAS THAT?!)
Trevor: "whatever sound throw-up makes"
Talon: "Is he barfing?" (no son, it's a special effect)
Tanner: "He's getting that all over."
Me: (scooting away, as it just keeps coming)
Trevor, calm as can be: "I need a napkin."
Me: "ha ha ha ha ha!" Getting the wet wipes.
Trevor: "I need a wet wipe, I need a shower."
I hope someone else thinks that was as funny as I did. I guess you have to know Trevor to get the humor. lol

My dad did it....AND I need a napkin....

Lady at the gas station: "What happened to your arm?"
Talon: "I broke it."
Lady: "How did you do that?"
Talon: "My dad did it."
Me: (trying not to spit out my mouthful of soda) "Actually, he broke it on the trampoline, his dad bounced him."
Lady: (dialing CPS) just kidding.

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